The Wycked Lady Show #01

  1. Dread Witch – The Tower
  2. Vatermord – Heimkehr
  3. Gnash – Woe
  4. Frogskin – Of Vermin And Man
  5. Downfall Of Gaia – Bodies As Driftwood
  6. Well Of Depression – God Goes And The Devil Follows
  7. Haexler – Industrial Reserve Army
  8. Barabbas – Mon Crâne Est Une Crypte (et j’y suis emmuré)
  9. Heru – Rain
  10. Rorcal – Extinguished Innocence
  11. Phantom Winter – Dark Lanterns
  12. Santacreu – L’absencia
  13. Geist – Help Less
  14. The Salt Pale Collective – Exploding Triangles
  15. Gut Slod – Setting Up Camp
  16. Dead Elephant – Bury Them All
  17. Herod – The Edifice
  18. Exitium Sui – Escape
The Wycked Lady Show #02

The Intro/outro and background music is the song “Wicked Lady” by the band Wicked Lady.

The Wycked Lady Show is broadcasted every second Sunday at 12pm (MST), 1pm (CST), 2pm (EST), 8pm (CET) on

Halo Of The Goat Radio.

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The next show presumably airs on Sunday March 17th 2024. The CE Time, as an exception, will be 7pm (, because of a different start of daylight saving time).

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