The Wycked Lady Show #09

  1. BOCC – La forja dels cranis
  2. Antibody – Rejection Is Agony
  3. Albino Python – Born To Burn
  4. Jupiterian – Matriarch
  5. Yhorim – Golden Chalice
  6. Machukha – Nezrushnist’
  7. Vastigr – Plunge
  8. Dead Hand – Alabaster and Bone
  9. Graves For Gods – The Oldest Gods
  10. Ophiocordyceps – Alien Rapture On Large Scale With Attempts Of Administration Of Fecal Herpes By Oral And Subcutaneous Insertions Of Biomechanical Material In Order To Extract Human’S Nitrogenous Bases Sequences
  11. Kult Of The Wizard – The Hollow
  12. Skeleton Gong – Pyramids In My Mind
  13. Soothsayer – Outer Fringe
  14. Zebediah Crowe – Sabbatical
  15. Bury Them And Keep Quiet – Chvrchbvrnvr
  16. Asilo – Dinámica del Cambio
  17. New Fallen Empire – Mutant Sunrise

The Intro/outro and background music is the song “Wicked Lady” by the band Wicked Lady.

The Wycked Lady Show is broadcasted (roughly) every second Sunday at 12pm (MST), 1pm (CST), 2pm (EST), 8pm (CET) on

Halo Of The Goat Radio.

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The next show presumably airs on Sunday July 14th 2024.